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It has been a loooong time between reviews. As I’m lazy and do not like making decisions, please decide for me. Easy and simple, just tell me which movie to review out of the following and let me know via comments or twitter.

1- Motel hell (1980)
2- wolf creek (2005)
3- paranormal activity (2007)
4- Halloween 4 (1988)

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Redd Inc


Redd Inc
Nicholas Hope, Kelly Paterniti, Sam Reid, James Mackay, Daniel Krige
Daniel Krige
Jonathon Green,Anthony O’connor
You have been warned.
Heads will roll.

More often than not when getting ready to watch new horror movies, I have found myself going into them with low expectations. It’s not something I mean to do but with the ratio of good to bad horror over the last few years, I would say it is no surprise. I will say this though, going into a movie you know nothing about with very low expectations, can sometimes mean you end up having a blast and being pleasantly surprised. As was the case with this little gem. With that said, enough of the bullshit small talk, lets get into this movie.

Thomas Reddmann(Nicholas Hope) was found guilty of being the “Headhunter”, a vicious serial killer taking out the high ups and corporate scum in violent, bloody ways and sent to jail. After a creative breakout, by being declared dead, Reddmann sets out to clear his name of the crime he was imprisoned for. Luckily for him, he has a dedicated team working around the clock to find the real killer, actually they are those who he feels are responsible for finding him guilty, leading to his incarceration. Chained to a desk, they must clear his name while trying not to become a victim.

Now, I had read the plot on the back of the case and watched the trailers and when the movie started it threw me for a loop. Starting out how i thought it would end was a nice way to get things going. The first five minutes waas bloody and fun. It gave off a look and feel of a comic book, which I loved. I was going to let this play in the background while I did some work but that was soon discarded for later as now I was curious and waiting for what was to come. I mean, he has gone to jail already now what is this movie about?

As I have said in previous posts, I dont like going too much into these movies as I feel it’s better to go into movies not knowing as much and I think other people should too. (Not telling you what to do or anything, but DO IT!!)

The lead girl, along with the rest of the cast are refreshing and somewhat original. I was glad to see that the trapped people were not made up of , wait lets list them off here: a dumb jock, a dumb bimbo, a dumb nerd, a dumb black guy and a dumb stoner. The way they interact and explore their current situation, is interesting to watch unfold and see how they handle each problem.

The film is gory and brutal and creative in its kills and when you have Mr TOM FUCKING SAVINI doing the fx, it puts you front and centre for a bloody good time. Think Saw 1, with the premise and the violence but this is actually good. Looking back at the original saw, even though it is not that old, it already looks dated. This movie i feel will not have that problem.

Now, do not get the wrong idea and count this movie out with this next sentence but this movie also has a good dose of humour. Wait come back, don’t leave, I am not a big horror comedy fan either so sit down shut up and listen. I have heard this labelled as a horror comedy but I will disagree.Sorry writers/directors if that was your intention BUT it is better this way. The comedy that is in the movie is subtle and does not intefere at all when the violence and gore is on screen. There is nothing worse than having a violent dark scene ruined by a lame joke which cheapens the movie. Here I feel they found the perfect blend and it mixes well.

Nicholas Hope who plays Reddmann, does an exceptional job as the man who needs his name cleared by any means necessary. He is scary, funny and a madman but at times I couldn’t help rooting for him as if he was the protagonist. Weird I know.

What would a movie be without a good twist, I will admit i seen half of it coming but the way that it played out was surprising and well done and left me satisfied. They didn’t overplay it, they didn’t make it unbelievable, it was hmmmmm fitting.

Alrighty, that will do for me I think I have done enough to convince you to check this movie out and support local horror(Filmed in Australia) and ALL horror for that matter. For as long as movies like this are being watched, they will keep getting made and honestly it is alot better then these big budget shit fests that keep getting shoved down our throats. Go seek out this movie and enjoy it.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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