The Woman


The Woman (2011)

Director- Lucky Mckee

Starring- Pollyanna McIntoshSean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley CarterShyla Molhusen, Shyla Molhusen

Tagline- “Not every monster lives in the wild.”

Going into my first viewing of “The woman” I knew very little about the film. I think with a film like this, that is the best way. I just want to say that i had never even heard of Lucky Mckee before this film and now I will be certain to seek out other films by him.

Chris Cleek is a succesful country lawyer, he has a nice family, a nice house and from the outside things look perfect. But things are not so rosey, not for his family at least. While hunting, the father comes across a “feral woman” living in the wild and decides that the next logical step is to capture her, take her back to the barn and “civilize” her. That was his first and biggest mistake.

I do not want to go into the story and what unfolds too much more as just watching this film unfold with no expectations is one of the most unsettling and amazing movie viewing experiences i have had in recent times. The one thing that a film like this needs is mood and atmosphere. This movie takes both these tools and absolutely fucking nails it! The bleak atmosphere is ever present throughout the whole film. Perfect example, my girlfriend walks into the room where i am watching “The woman” stays 5 minutes and has to leave as it got to her that quick. She said she could feel the mood and knew it will be a movie with no happy ending and no light at the end of the tunnel. How right she was.

Although the violence and gore does not come along until about the last 20-25 minutes, you do not drift or start to get bored at all. The low budget seems to work to the films advantage and makes it that much more effective.(I hate fucking polished movies- MICHAEL BAY lookin at ya) Once you do get to the end where the tables start to turn, it becomes a revenge flick in the same vein as “I spit on your grave” and “The last house on the left” and when this revenge comes, you can’t help but fucking revel in the fact. The attacks are brutal, gory and disturbing.

The actors in the film are also superb and play the parts to a tee. You can not help but feel so much hate for some characters and so much sympathy for others. I believe that if there are characters that affect you,whether make your blood boil or make you want to jump in the screen and just fucking help them, they must be doing something right and here Lucky got the best out of his relatively unknown cast.

I wish this film got a lot more attention as i feel that it is one of the rare gems that is keeping the horror genre alive. I know that it is rather popular but not what it should be. I could ask 20 people that love horror and only maybe 5 have seen it.

This film is a little weird, a little bizarre, and very different, but it is oh so original and that is so hard to find these days in the deep shit coloured swamp that is modern horror. So well done Lucky Mckee, the cast and everyone involved in this little movie as it has restored my faith that one day i will watch just many modern movies as i do old classics.

8 out of 10