Cabin in the woods


So, being situated in the great old Australia is usually pretty damn good. BUT when it comes to film and television, we are usually way behind the 8 ball. So over the last couple months I have heard nothing but cabin in the woods talks, reviews and discussions. I am sick of hearing people say “the less you know going in, the better”. Maybe so, but I still want to see it and thanks to the land down under being so incapable when it comes to film (horror in particular) cabin in the woods will not be receiving a wide cinema release, but thanks to a small group of dedicated fans they have managed to get the film into selected indie cinemas around Australia. THANK YOU!!! So this weekend or next I will be heading off to see the movie and will immediately get a review out (mainly cause my memory is shite). If anyone out there has seen it, feel free to comment with your thoughts, I would love to hear them. Cheers for now and “The woman” review will be coming shortly.